Los Angeles, CA




Vanessa Jane Lamb


       When people ask how long I've been a photographer I always want to answer with the fact that I've been around photography my whole life; from helping my mom in the darkroom while listening to the City of Angles soundtrack to holding the light meter and reflector at her photoshoots. In high school I was taking all the photo classes I could to the point of becoming the teacher's aid just to have access to the darkroom and dedicating my own time taking after school jobs assisting other photographers. Once graduating high school I went on taking photography courses in college while starting to develop my own photography business. I love photography in every form it has to offer. I am currently shooting with my film AE-1 Canon 35mm, the medium format film Hasselblad my mom passed down to me and my trusty digital Canon DSLR. I love the relationships with myself, with others and with nature that photography has given me, and I hope for those relationships to continue to grow. Please feel free to contact me with any sort of project you are wanting to pursue, whether it be to capture a beautiful moment in your life or the beautiful things you create, I'll be your gal.